We need your help to enable us to continue with our RSE work. Your support is vital in enabling IslamicRSE to fulfil its mission to support parents to raise happy and faithful children.

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Summary of our work

IslamicRSE works in collaboration with Muslim communities, as well as educational institutions, other faith groups and voluntary organisations regarding compulsory Relationships and Sex Education (RE & RSE). It provides training to schools, parents, Imams, Islamic school teachers as well as mosque leaders to support Muslim children. It also offers age-appropriate relationships education to young Muslim children within an Islamic context, in a sensitive way.

We provide a range of services to Mosques, Islamic schools, supplementary Islamic schools, Muslims groups, Islamic centres as well as any other organisations that seek our support. Making learning accessible, relevant and effective are key success criteria that shape our Khutbas, workshops, seminars, presentations and training programmes.

We welcome volunteers and experts from their respected fields to join us in this worthy cause.