Islamic Marriage and Sex Education

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We provide a range of services to Mosques, Islamic schools, supplementary Islamic schools, Muslims groups, Islamic centres and state schools.


Raise awareness of the main issue of compulsory Relationships and Sex Education in schools


Understand the ‘big picture’ concerning RE and RSE


Learn teaching methods of Rasool (pbuh) to interact with children and teach them about Islamic RSE

Raising Happy Faithful Children

The Quran encourages the institution of marriage. Allah invites us to follow His wisdom to achieve His pleasure, happiness and success in this world and the hope of paradise in the hereafter.

“..He created for you spouses from among yourselves, in order to have tranquillity and contentment with each other..” (30:21)

“..He has put love and mercy between your (hearts)..” (30:21)

The Quran -

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